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Monday, September 27, 2010

It's almost time!! Time when half of New York State's population flees the snowy winter, and takes off for sunny Floridian skies! OK OK, I'm probably exaggerating a little: HALF of New Yorker's don't move to Florida for the winter. It's probably more like a third. lol. 99% of all my relatives have moved there permanently, anyway! Some folks stay in Florida only for the winter season (we call them "snowbirds"), while others are actually leaving the New York State for Florida, permanently. I don't understand why anyone would want to move away from New York-- sheesh, we have terrific taxes, lots of nanny laws and burdensome regulations, fees for everything, and did I mention we have a lot of taxes? Oh, but the views up here are GREAT.

Anyway. lol. If you are in need of a little helping hand for a move, and don't know where to find some good, recommended Florida movers, my pal Billy can help you. is a website and the mascot is a bow-tied, be-spectacled brainiac. The website is a very good resource, especially for moving. The website lists a good bunch of movers, AND Billy is pretty good at negotiating deals with movers, saving folks up to 55% on moving bills! And if you need specialized movers to a certain city, such as movers in Tampa, Billy has specific lists for major cities. Plus, there are articles, tips, and other helpful information to help you, such as home insurance information by state, fuel expenses, avoiding financial mistakes, and more.

Billy is a good site to find money-saving articles, discounts, and tips. I follow Billy on Twitter to keep on top of coupon codes and discounts. And the site injects a bit of humor here and there, too. Billy in one cool guy, even if he does have a dorky bow-tie! :D Check it out. Because after all, don't you want your life to be easier and don't you want to save money?

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vanilla said...

Oh, joy! Off to Texas soon.

9:19 PM  

I've never seen Texas. Have fun!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea for long distance moving and especially when you get great discount on it.

12:24 AM  

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