Reusable Grocery Bags Full of Germs

Monday, October 04, 2010

Do you use those reusable plastic grocery bags for carting your groceries and multivitamin supplement and other stuff home? Researchers say most bags are contaminated with ikky bacteria.

According to researchers at the American Chemistry Council who tested 84 of those plastic reusable grocery bags, half had Coliform bacteria, and 12 percent had E Coli bacteria. Yuk. Makes you really wonder what's slathered all over the outsides of those meat packages, eh?


If you use reusable bags, it's recommended that you regularly disinfect the bags. Even cloth bags can harbor bacteria, so launder those, too. It's also recommended that you keep separate bags for meat and fresh produce; do not mix the two to avoid contamination.

Or, you can nag the grocery stores to bring back paper bags! I miss those old paper bags!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bloging about this. Something else that you might find interesting in return is this video I saw on YouTube:

3:27 AM  
vanilla said...

Now there're some things to ponder. I re-use them for cleaning up after the pooch, thereby preserving something else that is nasty. But I can't just leave it there!

8:34 AM  

Vanilla-- we use those disposable plastic bags for the very same thing! LOL

12:25 PM  

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