A Book About Central New York Historic Markers!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I just KNEW someone, somewhere, would write a book about this! Howard Ford did, in 2002. It's called Sure Signs, Stories Behind the Historical Markers of Central New York. It looks very good!

It covers 21 Central New York counties with historical markers. This is from the introduction:

In the twenty-one counties of central New York with which this book mainly deals, there were over a thousand markers put up beginning in the 1920s and continuing until 1959. Most are still standing and in good condition but road widening, accidents, and vandalism have taken their toll, leaving perhaps nine hundred survivors.

The book is readable, but has no illustrations, save a few sparse black and white maps. I'm disappointed that there are no photos. I've often considered placing my own photos of historical markers in its own collection, for posterity. I'd get my Rv and
rv insurance quote, pack up my digital camera, and hit the road of research! But not at this time.. maybe when I'm older... anyway, the markers deserve preservation. They are such gems of information.

A few of you readers have expressed curiosity about information on the historical markers. This book looks like a worth resource for Central New York markers. Also, the state has a website database full of information about the markers: Historical Markers.

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