Sleeping in the City That Never Sleeps

Friday, October 22, 2010

Image by Diogo Ferrari.

New York City is often one of the top destinations in the United States for tourists to visit, and it also the biggest drain on the wallet, as everything is NYC is so expensive. There is also a ton of things to do and see-- with hundreds of upscale restaurants, world-class Broadway shows, and frequent taxi transportation a traveler needs to have a budget to match. When staying in New York, the biggest expense of all is the cost of accommodations. With many large, central hotels charging several hundred dollars per night for a tiny room, you may be tempted to stay in a hotel outside the city or in nearby New Jersey.

Accommodations options in New York are abundant, however, more often than not the saying of "you get what you pay for" rings true. This may sound discouraging for those on a budget, but a few lesser known options are available for those who seek it.

Apartment Rentals Are Worth the Cost

Image by Dream Apartment

For similar costs to the price of a small hotel room within the city, apartment rentals provide the much needed space and breathing room that large families need when unwinding after a day of taking in the sites. The initial cost may be a bit daunting to those on a budget, included amenities such as full sized dining and cooking areas will allow you to cut dining costs considerably.

Budget Hotels Do Exist!

Image By Candy Hostel

The extremely frugal traveler can thrive in one of the many budget friendly hotels located throughout the city. While amenities may be lacking compared to their higher-priced apartment counterparts, it may not make much sense to spend a fortune on a dwelling you will rarely use because you will be busy sightseeing in the "city that never sleeps."

Travel and sightseeing in New York City is very expensive and is a strain on the modest budget. However with a little hunting around it is possible to stay in NYC for a few days without needing to take out another mortgage! You might even have a few dollars left over for an extra “I [heart] NYC” shirt as a souvenir!

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