A Dismal Day in Central New York

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gee, guess what our weather is like (again) today?




I know I have been harping on and on about the rain for, what, four or five years now? But it's been RAINING practically non-stop for four to five years now!

Rain is nice, OK. It's great for plants, yep. But winter is on our heels, and I have to get outside and patch up the house yet. My new window needs exterior trim, I have to fix a gaping-huge opening in a basement window that collapsed, we have to winterize the gardens, and the kids have to gear up with metal detectors and scout out the nails and screws all over the yard from the summer renovation. Unfortunately, a wayward nail popped our lawn tractor tire already. We had unfortunately packed away the metal detector for the renovation. Bad idea jeans! With all the nails and screws hither and thither, I regret not having it handy. Now that we're done renovating (well, the BIG stuff, anyway), we can't go outside. Ever slog through the mud with a metal detector? No fun. lol.

Anyway, I'm really hoping that the winter and next year are a little drier. The weather forecasts are rather comical-- the forecast may call for a 20% chance of rain-- just a SMIDGEN of a chance, mind you-- and before the day is out, it's pouring buckets. Gotta laugh! I'll remember this year as one of the soggiest, for sure. But I have got to get my exterior chores done soon. It will be mighty difficult to patch windows and cellar walls in the snow...

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vanilla said...

If it really has been raining there since you can't remember when, then I understand your pique. Contrary-wise, I have to say that while the rains have fallen on our neighbors on all sides, we've had nary a drop in nigh onto six weeks. And that gets a bit unsettling, too. But one has to love the sunny days!

7:19 PM  

Hey vanilla. Thx for your comment.

I live in Central NY, in the lowest geographic point in the state (maybe even the Northeast north of the Appalachians). Two-thirds of our year is cloudy... and boy we get a lot of rain!

8:38 PM  

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