Thankful for Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Thanksgiving weekend is now coming to a close. I am sorry to see it go. I had an absolute blast. I did nothing! Yes, nothing! Oh sure, who isn't tempted to run out of the house in search of some available
karaoke machines in relatives' houses, right?! Dance the night away and all that jazz?

Well, I'm too old to dance the night away. And even when I was young, I didn't do that.

No, instead the family and I did NOTHING. We sat in the living room, talking and drinking coffee, ignoring the chores and the weird feelings that we had stuff to do...

You see, we finally got our heater installed in the living room (one down, one to go, yay!). It is so delightful to have HEAT. To sit, all cozy and cuddled in blanket with cat) in front of a nice warm fire and relax. I haven't relaxed like this in many, many months. Maybe even years. The rest was like a major shot in the arm, like a best multivitamin treatment or something. I'm still glowing from the wonderful day when we did NOTHING!! Yay! I can't wait until next year!

We celebrate Thanksgiving like most people celebrate Christmas. We give the children gifts (small ones), and spent time together. We have a great big meal, too. My sons were very happy because this year they got guitars and amplifiers. They were pretty wowed when they entered the music store-- the place is LOADED with billions of guitars and keyboards. One guy was doodling with karaoke music on a machine. It was crammed with instruments. Needless to say, they had a blast. Here's one kid with his new axe:


Looks like he's enjoying himself, lol! Oh I know the kids would also have been SO happy with a fancy machine from, but hey-- one thing at a time, huh?

I'm going to build a music room for them, as soon as I pay off this new kitchen. Right now, they instruments are crammed in the dining room.... and I'm a writer who needs some solitude every now and then. I never imagined the house would ever be too small for us, but it finally is.

Anyway, Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL, one of my best ever. How was yours?

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Clint said...

Sounds like a GREAT T-day! Heat is good. Guitars are good. Family is good. A cat is good. And doing nothin' is terrific! God bless.

8:41 AM  

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