Can You See Them?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The slivers of humps-- the Adirondack Mountains on the misty horizon. Can you see them at all?


We went out for a nice drive on Thanksgiving. We made a trip out to the very rural Paris, NY, area. It's very hilly (oh, my van's poor shocks!). It was a nice drive, to get away from it all.... we turned off the computers and my jobs about writing ads for adult acne treatments, the kids set down their mp3 players... and we just drove around for hours. We even brought Livvy the kitty along for the ride (and she did rather well!).

Anyway, in this area between Paris and, say, Herkimer (?), there are a lot of windmills popping up. It's a bitter contention between neighbors-- we say signs in favor of the windmill farms, and others with bitter opposition. I tried to ignore the turbines that are already standing, and squinted to get glimpses of the world's largest national park. It's pretty amazing that you can see them from here.

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Carole said...

I actually like the windmills. I find them mesmerizing and peaceful. Then again, I don't have a giant windmill in my backyard, either. I envy the long ride you took through rural countryside - I love doing that. Nice picture! If I squint I think I can see the ADKs! :-D

10:15 PM  
Clint said...

I dunno about the windmills. An old timey windmill is kinda' cool, but those giant turbines sorta' take the charm out of the notion. Nice picture....but I can only see the mountains in my imagination. Thanks for a nice post!

8:37 AM  
vanilla said...

Beautiful country, a very nice picture.

What are we to do? We want the power, we don't want any aesthetic disturbances. Too, as you hinted, it depends somewhat upon whose ox is being gored. There is a small town near here which is situated in the middle of a very large wind farm, and there are mills right in the town!

11:12 AM  
Mike said...

Love the picture! But...turning off the mp3 players? :)

1:44 PM  

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