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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Like I've stated before, we finally got out of the house last week to take a little drive throughout some extremely rural areas of southern Oneida County. My husband had the day off, and so did all the children, so it was a great opportunity to pull away from comparing deals and direct tv packages and stuff, and just getting OUTSIDE for a while. Even if our van leaks transmission fluid like an intern leaks secrets... :-p

thanksgiving_red barn distant

One such drive led us to the middle of nowhere in Sauquoit, New York. The area is very hilly (EXTREMELY hilly in some locations), and very rural. It wasn't exactly "redneck" hillbilly country, as we saw some classy homes and cars with directv equipment sprouting from homes... Sauquoit seems to be a more upper-crust region.

We came across this interesting building. It was in the middle of nowhere.

doolittle schoolhouse

It's the "Doolittle District Red Schoolhouse." Doolittle is a common name in these parts, there's even a road named for them.

The building is not a museum, as we saw no admission hours.... no one was there. I'd love to see the inside, but I saw no contact information.

What is it doing here? Is it simply an historic building, restored and kept up just for the sake of it? Hm, I wonder. There's no electricity or phone service or ubiquitous direct tv service (that I saw). Is anyone home? lol.

So it's just a cute red building on a hill. Well, it's cute. But BOY I wanted to go in there!

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Clint said...

Interesting. It's fun to just get off the interstates and explore. Love your post.

2:20 PM  

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