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Monday, December 06, 2010

I read on that the best time to publish posts is right around 9am, EST. Most readers seemed to "like" blog posts during that time. However, the best time to tweet your 9am blog post is later in the afternoon-- that's when twitheads seems to RT your blog post for others to see.


I usually publish my blogs in the mornings, about noon. However, I do know that many of my readers read my posts about 10 to 11 am. I don't think I will change my habits concerning this (as I would have to change my lifestyle, too). But I like statistics like this. Interesting. When do you read blog posts? When do you write them?

I have been a writing fiend lately. I'm actually overwhelmed these days! I had a lull over the summer, so that I almost despaired about my blogging career, but then WHAMMO I have been getting consistent work for a few months. It's great because I was able to get a cell phone, and I'm able to pay off the loans I took for the kitchen renovation. I also hope to take the family on a vacation next summer. Lord knows, they deserve it. We have been working non-stop for a long time.

The kids want to see Virginia. I do, too, but I also want to see the ocean. I see the specials at, and it makes me drool. The Myrtle Beach hotel is on the coast-- oh! so lovely! I could spend weeks and weeks galavanting the Myrtle Beach best hotels, walking the golf courses and seeing the historic sites. *sigh*

Of course, it's all just a dream right now. Right now, I must write more posts. I continue to save, little at a time. :D Here's hoping we get our dream vacation....

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Anonymous said...

I write and read all blog posts around 4:30 PM. I usually get online for the first time of the day around 3 PM, but don't post or read for a while.

VERY interesting stats!

7:12 PM  
Clint said...

Keep the faith. You will have your vacation---and you might even eat some guacamole!

11:26 AM  

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