Upstate Finally Getting Snow

Monday, December 06, 2010

Well, with the snowplows finally roaring about me, I can announce that Upstate New York finally has snow. Our November was downright balmy, very unusual! But it rained like CRAZY. :-p

Anyway, we have snow. I am thrilled, but some crazy people are babbling on about missing summer weather! What?! lol Hey. I know how much you guys must miss all the fun resorts in Myrtle Beach where you play golf all day and sink your toes into the sand and sip pina coladas on the the boardwalks and lobby of the lush Myrtle Beach hotel ... but shoveling snow can be JUST as FUN!!!

Shovel Man



Erm, well, maybe a good deal on and a few rounds of golf on the balmy Atlantic coast resort does sound like a good idea. :D

Seriously, what do you think? Would you rather stay in the snowy areas for the winter? Or escape to more temperate areas year-round? I'm pretty happy traveling-- I like to see new places-- but I do like winter. So I might go half and half.

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vanilla said...

Finding in my "older years" snow shoveling to be a task much too onerous, we absquatulate to the South at the first of the year. Which means that if it snows in December (and it did) we don't escape that. Well, the Deep South is full of geriatrics from now until April!

Hope you get your Myrtle Beach dream vacation!

6:30 PM  
Michelle said...

I miss the snow. I always say its a novelty for it to be warm in the winter but its not great if you have to live in it year round. I enjoy the change of seasons and I don't like sweating every single month.

10:57 AM  
Clint said...

I think it is beautiful.

11:24 AM  
Mike said...

Well, when the weather tells you to stop riding dirt bikes, it also tells you to start snowboarding! Unfortunately there's over 2 feet of snow here and it's way too much to snowboard in. We'd have to shovel a path in order to snowboard. Imagine that! Anyway, I enjoy the looks of it, but not the work involved in shoveling my driveway and roof.

9:01 PM  

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