We Got More Snow!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hurray! Here's the proof. :)


The snow plow plastered snow all over the tree.


Here's hoping my yews don't crack from the weight.


Icicles dangling from the eaves. There must be a large heat loss in this area of the house. We always get large icicles right here, every year. The cause must be something up on the second floor, because I gutted and insulated the first floor, and we still get icicles. Ugh.


Notice how gray the sky is, even though the sun was shining.

It looks to be a quiet week, now. I think we beat the snow totals for the month already. :)

I'm hoping we get another nice batch before Christmas. I don't like brown, soggy snow, as it looks ugly.

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Mike said...

Yea! Snowboarding weather will continue even longer. At least those icicles are somewhat small. Our neighbor had some that were taller than me! ...and that's not all that short :D

8:09 PM  
Clint said...

It is sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Snowfalls like this are just so perfect for projecting serenity and quiet thought.

9:54 PM  

Mike- you ever think of icing the snowboarding run? Wooo you'd go so fast! Would make a cool video!

Clint- that is exactly why I love winter. :)

10:22 PM  
Mike said...

Yeah, but then I would have a wipeout or two to put in the video. That wouldn't be fun. :P Also, if we go too fast, you saw those trees at the bottom of the hill? Either that or the ditch beside the road. :D

6:28 PM  

Snow to me means wearing thick clothes to avoid colds. But it doesn't matter. This is the perfect time to sip a cup of a hot chocolate. Just staring at the white snow gives you a peace of mind.

Merry White Christmas!

9:30 PM  

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