Snowmoble Season Officially Open

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowmobile season officially begins Wednesday, December 22 in Upstate New York! And guess what-- we actually HAVE SNOW this time. Hunting season is over, and now the snowmobiles will be roaring everywhere. I have gathered some good resources for you if you are on the EGDE of your seat waiting for tear off on your snowmobile!

Here's a link to Upstate New York Snowmobile clubs. Many have websites, or at least a contact number you can call. The list also includes clubs in Canada and Pennsylvania. Snowmobile clubs are great ways to meet new folks, get access to great trails and special discounts.

Some websites that offer maps and other information are:

Adirondack Trail Maps, a new website that looks very promising. The latest post was about the Old Forge Snodeo (rats, we missed it). The site is building more resources- it's one to watch.

This website has a nice laminated map of current snowmobile trails this year. The map is a little pricey-- $20 -- but it's a great resource. A map also makes a great Christmas gift for the snowmobile nut in the family.

Here's a great site to get holiday and some of the best dad bday gifts. Many are travel-related- I love the car charger/coffee warmer gadget! They also have nice leather and cashmere gloves, and a very classy pocket compass. Good gifts.

Of course, there's the DEC's snowmobile page with lots of links to peruse, including a list of forest preserve lands for snowmobiling, and some very good tips on snowmobile safety. REMEMBER to never drink and drive!!! Every year, we have numerous snowmobile fatalities because folks are driving impaired or carelessly. Stay safe.

Finally, if you are a snowmobile fanatic, and can't get enough about the season, see the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, & Historic Preservation’s Snowmobile Unit (opens in PDF file). Everything you wanted to know about snowmobiling and then some.

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Clint said...

I don't think I'm gonna be doin' much snowmobilin' this year. But if I lived up nawth, I would definitely be terrorizin' folks with my antics in the backwoods!

6:24 PM  
Mike said...

Hopefully those resources didn't include our paths up in our backyard! :D They are somewhat extensive, and we can't ride our dirt bikes in the winter.

2:41 PM  

Aaah...I have never experienced snow to enjoy all these :(

On an unrelated note, this is my 1st time here and you have a great space here! :)

2:50 AM  

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