Not Ready To Emerge From the Wintry Cocoon...

Monday, January 03, 2011

I have never had such an extended absence from blogging. I can't really call it a vacation, I did not "vacate" and I certainly did not I relax much. The kids were very sick all during their winter break, so I spent my time nursing their ailments. It's tough for a kid to be sick, even worse when it's during a break from school. They were so disappointed, and so was I, for them. :(

I had promised them we'd go on a trip. Scratch that. Sickness and car trouble put an end to that. Oh well, maybe it's for the best. Of course, we are disappointed-- we really haven't gone anywhere since January 2010-- but we did get a large section of the house renovated this past year. IT's much much solace to younger folks who want to go hiking and exploring. I tell ya-- have just GOT to get them a vacation sometime.

So anyway, I've spent some of my holiday break tinkering with computers, writing tech articles, lounging in the rocking chair by the heater. I've really, really tried to slow down my activities, as I just may burn out if I keep pushing myself like I have. That's been the extent of my break--- puttering around.

I created a small work station in my bedroom. It's not the most beautiful of spaces-- no Egyptian cotton Duvet cover on the bed, no nearby mahogany business desk (how I wish!). I just have my laptop on a small cart by the side of the bed. There, I can put up my foot (to relieve the sciatica) and be in a quiet place to write. The cat often joins me, nestling under the covers and snoring in her quiet kitty way. It's peaceful (when the dogs aren't yapping). And some days I even do get articles written!

We're about 1/3 of the way through winter.... I'm not yet ready to emerge from my wintry cocoon. I want it to snow more, I want it to be quiet and cozy for a little while before spring pops up and outdoor activities beckon me. I want to relish the quiet before the frantic gardening and renovating season begins again. Here's hoping for some lake effect soon!

How was your holiday break?

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Clint said...

Very happy to see your post. Sorry about the sickness...believe me, it's going around. I'm not ready for winter to end just yet, either. Our holidays were on the quiet side, kinda' like we like 'em. Welcome back!

5:25 PM  
Mimi said...

Hi Rebecca, sorry that your kids were sick, that was tough.
Thanks for following me, and I've returned the compliment here instead of the frugal site.
I've already found 2 links to great goodies here- the dad gifts and the scrubs : see why frugal doesn't sit well with me!!
See you around!

8:46 AM  

Hello!! Following you back.

Glad to meet you.

Have a wonderful day!


9:03 AM  

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