Ready For Spring Break Yet?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I am. :D

I never really got any Christmas or New Year's vacation. I am such a bad mother-- I have been promising the kids that we REALLY will go on a vacation (and not just *any* average day trip) very soon. We had plans to do so on Christmas vacation, but I got clobbered with work, and two of the kids were sick with the flu. :( Talk about disappointing.

I have plans to take my girls to New York City sometime, and everyone will be going to Virginia this year, Lord willing. The problem is finding nice hotels in New York (we already have Virginia accommodations). After some browsing, I have found the perfect website! It's Octopus Travel, based in the UK. I read the FAQs and am pretty impressed with their "NO hidden costs" guarantee and their commitment to customer satisfaction. The database of hotels is huge, too. Penn Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Carter Hotel, etc, cheap and luxury hotels all at your fingertips. You can search by star rating, hotel brand, location, amenities, etc. It's a great website.

Octopus Hotel hosts TripAdvisor reviews, too. They recommend that, after staying at your hotel, you add to the reviews so the good hotels stand out (and the bad ones are avoided). All very consumer-friendly, I like it.

So if you are planning on taking a REAL break this spring break (or any time), take a peek at what Octopus Travel has to offer. I'm very impressed!

Note: Please be aware that while I am compensated for reviewing this website, all opinions are completely mine and are truthful to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading!

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Mimi said...

I certainly will take a look at that website.
Hotels in New York, any time we've looked at going, are very expensive for the 5 of us, but let's see what Octopus has!
I'd love a little trip to look forward to!

5:22 PM  

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