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Friday, January 28, 2011

I've got more gems in the world of smartphone apps.... you can read the first post that showcased some very good apps for the New York State traveler.

New York State Ski Conditions
I don't ski, so I haven't used this app. But this looks like a beautiful app. The maps alone are lovely. With this app, you can instantly check the weather and trail conditions of your favorite ski mountain. A great app for those who like to "ski on the run" so to speak. ;)

This app is huge, a virtual encyclopedia of everything New York City. Besides the usual directories for restaurants, theatres, hotels, webcams, and transit, NYCWay also features available restrooms, banks, pharmacies, airports, Broadway shows, karaoke shows, parking, and LOADS more. If you're visiting The Big Apple, definitely grab this app. If you live there, get the app-- you may discovers some fascinating new places!

New Yawk Tawk: The Unofficial New York Dictionary
This is a cute app, but let me make one thing VERY CLEAR: There's a whole lotta New Yorkers living UPSTATE, north of the city, too! And we don't talk like this! SO if you get this app to learn New York-ese or are trying to translate the lingo, just remember that it's a New York CITY app. :D

There are a number of webcams available for the smartphones. Albany has their 2008 version of Northway traffic cams for I-87, and an updated 2009 version, too. My511NY also has traffic cams- more on that next. Panoramic Images 360 has some nice pictures.

This is an app from the NYS Department of Transportation. It offers updates of traffic and commute information via your phone (or computer). You have to sign up at the MY511NY website in order to use the app. You have to sign up for the service, and give out your name, email, and cell phone number. I don't like that, why can't they just offer the traffic information for a route you select? But the app is not available until you sign up. It's a very useful app especially for cities, but the gathering of personal information puts a damper on the fun. Also, I snickered a little that NYS would come up with a cell phone app when they are such sticklers about using your phone while you drive. Ha!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for more good apps. If you know of any, please leave a comment!

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Clint said...

NYCWay sounds really great for visiting the city. As far as the Tawk app, I have found the best thing to do when in the Apple is to just maintain my southern accent. People seem to love anything different.

11:10 AM  

Clint- right you are! People do love different things, me included!

11:31 AM  

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