Lost and Found in Brooklyn and Paris

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I just watched some really neat videos. They tell the story of a young man, Todd Beiber, from Brooklyn who found a small canister of undeveloped film after a New York blizzard while skiing in Prospect Park. Todd decided to develop the film and find the owners. The photos are poignant depictions of the blizzard around the boroughs of New York.

Amazingly, Todd FOUND the owners! He spent an inordinate amount of time researching and emailing people for months, making many new friends all over the world. Here's the followup video (warning for kids-- it has an immodest European statue and lots of beer drinking).

My favorite part is how Todd made so many wonderful friends in Europe, who later served as hosts while he traveled. What a wonderful adventure! He got to see five countries of Europe and skied the Alps. Wow. I would SO love to do that (except ski the Alps-- I don't know how to ski! And I'd need a whopper of a vision screener).

I love the good consequences of random acts of kindness. :)

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