Flooding in Central New York

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another flood.

My area in Central New York was one of the hardest hit. Well, THE hardest hit. In my neighborhood, my house got the brunt of the burden.

That was my large garden bed...

flooded garden bed1

This was the area around my house.


And this was my basement.


We lost everything down there except the furnace (which we elevated last time we got a new one).

It's hard to believe that the flooding was only last Thursday. It seems like it was yesterday. One day I'm wondering about the best anti aging product, the next day BAM I'm getting older by the second with every inch seeping up my sump pump well. The stormwater drainage system was completely overwhelmed, as were our two sump pumps.


This is my old woodworking bench. It's a loss. Unfortunately, it's a very old bench. We think it may have been the old oak workbench of the original house owner, some 155 years ago. I used it for my millwork while working on the renovations. I lost a good quantity of millworking wood, as well as my compound miter saw.


But you know what? We are blessed. No one was hurt, and we lost only stuff. Thankfully, we are insured for this, too, so I can get another saw and bench and more wood. Other folks aren't insured, so their losses are awful. :(

Today, we finished cleaning out the basement. What a job. That's probably the hardest part of this whole thing-- the cleanup. It consumes time and devours energy. I'm pooped. But the basement is CLEAN!!

Please pray the rain would STOP. It's been raining for almost 3 weeks straight now, every single day. Time for some dry weather.

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vanilla said...

Sorry for your losses. Nature has a way of overdoing its bounty sometimes.

5:40 PM  
Carole said...

I'm glad to hear you've finished your cleanup - that must have been a MAJOR job, I can't even imagine. God Bless you for your great attitude in the face of something so awful. And I'm so glad you're insured!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
I hope your garden will be ok...!

7:44 PM  

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