New NY Law Proposed to Make Gadget Use While Driving a Primary Offense

Friday, June 10, 2011

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." Tacitus

A sign of the times. If the people show themselves unable to maintain law and order and responsibility within society, the government creates more laws. It's the old kindergarten adage "The bad apple spoils the bushel."

According to WKTV news, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed new legislation that will make the use of any portable electronic device -- such as a cell phone, laptop, tablet -- a primary offense. This means that if law enforcement sees you operating a device while driving, you can be pulled over and fined or arrested. Currently, operating a portable device while driving is a secondary offense. You can only be fined if you are "pulled over" for another reason, such as speeding.

The whole issue is a thorn in my side. Drunk driving, texting and watching movies while driving is INSANE. It's a reproach to our form of government and our nobility as human beings that we will not control our behavior. This makes it hard for the rest of the law-abiding citizens who chafe against the encroaching police state. Sheesh.

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Clint said...

Ever notice how the cops speed around, disobeying traffic laws, working their government installed computers, talking on their radios, eating a donut and sipping coffee? But, that's ok because it's government.

1:03 PM  

Oh, Clint, SO TRUE!!!

But I think that the dichotomy between "us" and "them" is only because our nation has allowed it to be so. If we really were a government "by the people," it would not have degenerated like it has. We are not supposed to be a "top down" or "trickle down" nation, but a "bottom up" nation. Well, that was the original intent, anyway. At some time in history, the people threw that all away... :(

1:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

Right. But of course if everyone behaved in a reasonable and sensible manner the legislation would be unnecessary and redundant. We chafe at these legal restrictions precisely because we don't "need" a government to tell us how to act. Yet I greatly fear the potential for a calamitous end result somewhere down the road.--vanilla

4:54 PM  

When we forget about our responsibilities as a citizen, government will come up with more of more laws to stop this type of violations. I think every citizen should provided a his/her right and responsibilities sheet to learn & aware that they too have some responsibility towards the society.

4:46 AM  

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