Is This What an Anvil Cloud Looks Like?

Friday, July 29, 2011

I snapped these photos while on the train, traveling from New York City to Albany, NY. I've seen a lot of weird clouds in my day, but this took the cake. What do you think?



Very menacing.

That day, my daughters and I visited New York City for the day. Unbeknownst to us, a couple of tornadoes had hit our home area that afternoon. My son had called me from home, panicking that the winds were "hurricane like" with debris flying, and the power had gone out. If I had known that the weather was calling for severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, I'd have directed him into the basement. When I'd checked the local weather forecast that day, it said "20% chance of rain." :S

Well, on the way home, I saw these clouds. I could have sworn I saw a funnel cloud starting to form, but then the finger disappeared.

Our weather has been very, very strange for quite a few years now. Blazing heat, flash floods, and now tornadoes. Today, another tornado hit the county southeast of us, causing some damage and knocking out power.


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Clint said...

Beautiful. Spectral. Haunting. Glimpses of Nature's power.

8:26 PM  
Mike said...

Yeah, very odd weather lately. Nice picture though. :)

8:45 PM  

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