If It Wasn't a Cemetery, We'd Probably Have Lunch

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I was looking over the photos I took from our trip to Manhattan last week. I am so behind! I have barely said a word about our trip. I've barely blogged about our trip in May to Virginia, either! Ugh, I am so tardy....

Well, the photos of the grounds outside Trinity Church are very nice. The area is a lovely spot, a refuge from the sizzling heat and hectic swirl of humanity on the streets below.


The cemetery surrounding the church was cool and quiet and very peaceful. It would have been a great place for a romantic picnic! But then again, it's a CEMETERY. Last thing I want to do is have a PB & J over the bones of Robert Fulton. Or Alexander Hamilton.


Still, this didn't stop many folks from sitting on one of the benches and supping the luncheon meat. I saw a number of construction workers (probably from the World Trade Center construction site, next door) unpacking tiny picnic baskets and eating their lunches. The church has also set up a few very nice eating and relaxing areas, with chairs and cafe tables. One had a big tent over a number of cafe furniture, filled with people drinking and eating from little picnic backpacks. I thought it nice of the Trinity Church folks to accommodate the many New Yorkers and visitors with such hospitality.

We'd have stopped for a quick respite, if I didn't feel so weird sitting amid a mountain of old bones and tombstones. Maybe it's the Upstater in me, maybe it's because I'm old-fashioned. I just couldn't plop down on the grassy remains of a founding father and snack on bologna.

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Clint said...

Oh, but my dear Mrs Mecomber....

Cemeteries offer the visitor the heart and soul of the community. They are alive! They breathe---and the gentle, knowing souls who reside there pray that you will have a PB and J with them. Heck, you might learn something!

My gosh, Alexander Hamilton? I bet his vibes would be pretty darn interesting, especially in this day of economic disaster.

And the venerable Robert Fulton? Wow,I'd love to have lunch with him.

Plus, I'm jealous about you being in the Big Apple. And where the heck are the blog posts about the great state of Virginia? Tsk tsk. :)

5:08 PM  
vanilla said...

Fulton or Hamilton might enjoy the company! Clearly (as you report) the City denizens have no problem lunching with the departed.

8:42 AM  

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