Going to Howe Caverns!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I've been promising the kids FOR YEARS. We're finally going to Howe Caverns! I have been twice before (last time was over 20 years ago!) but the kids and husband have never been. Can you imagine?! Howe Caverns is one of the largest cavern systems in the United States -- a mere hour drive from home -- and they have never been. Well, I aim to fix that very soon. :)

I do wonder how much the place has changed. They used to have a boat that you cross to get to the other side of the underground lake. I don't know if that still exists... and they have some new attractions, too. I can't remember if there's a Remote Control Cars arena or a water park? It will be very interesting to see how much has changed.

I hope the lighting is a bit better, as well. I would like to snap a few photos but if the place is poorly lit, that ends that.

I can't wait!

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Carole said...

We went to Howe Caves a few years ago. They still had the boat ride when we went. It was kinda hokey, but we had a good time. And there's certainly a lot of really cool formations to see, and interesting science. I bet you guys will like it. One thing I remember from our visit was down below, I think by the elevators, there was a big stack of cheese aging! I *think* it was Mccadam brand? Tell me if the cheese is still there when you go, LOL. :-)

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