Eleanor of Aquitaine and The Cloisters

Friday, November 18, 2011

The instant I discovered The Cloisters, I wanted to visit. Now, I want to visit even more passionately.

The Cloisters is a medieval museum in upper Manhattan. It is maintained by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a young student in NYC, I was a frequent visitor to the Met. But I hadn't known about The Cloisters until this summer, when I was researching medieval history. The place looks amazing! It's a reconstructed French abbey and holds manuscripts, artifacts and works of art from the 13th century and earlier. I read that it is the premier medieval museum in the entire North American continent.

*jaw drops to floor*

And it is only 300 miles from my home!!!

I've been content to wait until the moment is right for me to take a trip to NYC. I love visiting the city. It's filled with SO much history and so many museums. I plan to take my daughter there to see the Alexander Hamilton National Memorial, which opened just a few months ago. Would you believe that The Cloisters is a short walk away?! *pant pant* But STILL, I wait. I can wait.

Oh dear, I don't think I can wait anymore. I've been reading a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine (she's a distant relative, lol) and the book says that The Cloisters holds the only bust ever made of her. OMG It's in NEW YORK?! Here?! That's the next best thing to visiting Fontrevault!

So now I am determined. I'll write a billion articles about medical computers and insurance, just get me on the train!!!!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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vanilla said...

Oh, please do make that journey. Looking forward to your report!

5:13 PM  
John said...

The Cloisters is great. I visited a few years ago. Here are some photos from my trip: http://curiouscat.com/travels/2006/newyorkcity/cloisters-moma6.cfm

6:19 PM  

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