Howe Caverns Sneak Peek

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I have yet to write in detail on my main travel blog about our recent trip to Howe Caverns, but can't resist posting a few things here! We traveled out to the Cobleskill area, in Schoharie County. It brought back such memories! I lived in neighboring Otsego County for a few years, right near the Schoharie County border. How I remember those drives through the country, down Route 10 and 145!

1 Howe Caverns sign

Howe Caverns is technically in Howes Cave, NY, up the hill from the town of Cobleskill. Schoharie County is delightfully rural, a welcome change from the Central New York counties of Oneida and Onondaga, where rural communities all seem to revolve around the major cities. Not so with Schoharie. Here, things are much more relaxed and friendly. Don't expect to find any swanky nightclubs or glittery amusement theme parks here. The delights are much more subdued-- UNDERGROUND, for example!

I am of the opinion that every New Yorker should see Howe Caverns. Of course, every American should too, but especially every New Yorker. This is a beautiful natural resource and worth supporting and maintaining. As far as I know, the site is supported mainly by income from visitors. And from the gift shop where we know WE supported them for quite a few months. :S Here are a few photos I took:

37 Howe Caverns Sign

7 Cave Path with Flash

12 Geode and Fossil

I don't want to spoil the fun and showcase too much yet. ;) More to come! I HIGHLY recommend Howe Caverns. I think it's a trip on par (or perhaps exceeding) that of Niagara Falls. Admission is a little steep for a large family, but hey-- think of one ticket as equaling the cost of a cool t-shirt or something. A trip through Howe Caverns is inexpensive when you think of it that way. Go do yourself a favor-- SEE THE CAVES!

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