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Friday, December 02, 2011

It took me FOREVER to get through the scads and scads of photos (and my son *just* informed me that he took scads of photos on his camera... sighhh), but I finally wrote about our amazing adventure to Howe Caverns! Go to and take a peek.

Now, I've been there three times, so I guess I am experienced at it. But this was the first time for my kids AND my husband. Can you believe it?! He is almost 50 years old and he has never been! I'm glad we solved that problem... It was really a great experience, seeing the caverns through their eyes.

We are ever so slowly seeing every tourist destination in New York State. Oh my, we have many more years to go yet, but lately we've traveled all over. The kids are so knowledgeable about the state-- it's history and geology and geography. It's been such an adventure. While at the caverns, taking their photos, I realized how old they've become. It seems that only a few months ago they were just little kids, running around the swings and parks. Good heavens, look at them now. What happened?! How did time pass so quickly?

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I suppose this is the dilemma of the ages, watching your children grow up. I hope we never lose that fascination and excitement when we travel. I sometimes still feel like a little kid when I am embarking on a new adventure. Once we're done with New York, who knows- maybe we'll hit the hawaii vacation rentals and I can use my super handy airbnb app to traverse the world!!!

I couldn't do it without my kids, though. :)

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Clint said...

Beautiful caverns! I would think that seeing all that NY State has to offer would take decades.

2:51 PM  

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