Beautiful Adirondack Time Lapse Video

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Found this on Facebook. Very nicely done and the scenery is so, so beautiful!

ADK time lapse project - FALL from rooftopmedia on Vimeo.

I recognized some of those places. :) I actually tried to get some good videos of our trip but there is no video stabilizer in my iPhone, so the video bobs up and down like yo yo s. :( I just can't seem to muster the courage to buy a new, HD camcorder yet. Man, those things are expensive! I need to work more on my photography and video skills, anyway. I've gotten better but I still need to figure what all those buttons on the DSLR mean....

We were up to the ADKs a few times this past summer and autumn and it is a glorious place to visit!!! We met so many wonderful and friendly people. Summers are the busiest time in the Adirondacks, when people escape the heat of the cities and revel in Upstate's cool forest breezes. Once the height of the black fly and tick is over, it's very pleasant in the ADKs. Of course, there are nurses everywhere during the "bug season," as Lyme Disease is a serious threat to New Yorkers and their critters. During the late autumn, things slow down seriously. When we visited in the autumn, there was practically NOTHING open-- I don't know how people buy their groceries or get health care up there. Do they all trek 3 hours to the big cities or do they rely on traveling nurses or something?! It was impossible for us to find groceries when we stayed...

Anyway, I can at least enjoy others' videos. Now you know why I gush on and on about the Adirondacks all the time!

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