Change of Email + Forgetfulness = Lapse in Service

Monday, January 09, 2012

I logged into my Flick photo sharing account this morning and my heart sank to my feet. I saw only 6 of my 159 sets in my account. OH NO. I have been a Flickr customer for 5 years now, and my account is stuffed with almost 6,000 photos! You can see my huge, huge assembly of photos at my Flickr Mrs Mecomber account, if you like. I get a lot of traffic on my blogs from people searching for the photos, so not only are the photos important documentation, they also drive traffic to my websites. Some of the photos are pretty neat. I have everything from Upstate New York mummies to ancient Eskimo snowboarding goggles to famous art museums to the new World Trade Center construction.

So imagine my panicky dismay when I see only a tiny fraction of my stuff!

After my heart slowed down, I realized that I forgot to renew my Flickr "pro" account. OH NO! Why didn't they send me an email?!

I then realize that they HAD sent me one, but it was to my old email address. I recently changed my IP and therefore my old email is no longer in service. I thought I had changed all email addresses for all my Internet accounts (dozens and dozens of different accounts!) but Flickr must have slipped through the cracks. Unfortunately, the photos had been down for 4 days. :( As soon as I resubscribed to the PRO account, all my photos came back.


Lesson learned. Either never change my IP company again, or use webmail and not my IP email for accounts! Sheesh!

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Mimi said...

Doesn't life become more and more complicated?
There must surely be the makings of a good business collating (in a safe way) all this information

5:48 PM  

Oh, Mimi-- right you are! I never remember being so rushed and hurried all the time.

8:14 PM  

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