Nothing To Do

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"There's nothing to do." "I'm bored." Oh, how I remember constantly saying those things as a kid. Of course, I'm shocked-- SHOCKED -- to hear these same words coming from the lips of my own little darlings. Bored?! With all the TVs, DVDs, iPods, doodads, and thingamabobs?! When I was a kid...

Talk about payback, ooo! >.<

Well, if you live in Upstate New York, where children seem to moan the loudest about "being bored" (so it seems), check out this neat resource I found! It's a concise map and listing of things to do in Upstate communities. It's not 100% comprehensive-- I've yet to find anything that is 100% comprehensive. (I hope to make it myself, someday). But this is pretty good. It includes things to do during the long winters as well as the summer. The Year-Round Fun in the Neighborhood is a PDF file and is made by the New York Power Authority. It's a good one to bookmark for ALL those "boring" days.

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