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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For many, many years, we have been traveling Central New York. I live in Central New York and CNY is very, well, central. It's been a terrific springboard from which to hop to the other places in New York State.

But I think we may be coming to the end of places to visit in Central New York. Can this possibly be?! I recently took inventory (I sifted through the travel blog archives) and I have been to every place in Oneida, Madison, and Herkimer counties that I have wanted to visit, except two (Erie Canal Boat Museum in Chittenango and take photos at the Nicholas Herkimer Home in Little Falls). This is a huge accomplishment, yet I still cannot believe we've been to everything. Can it really, truly be?!

If you know of anything we may have missed in one of these counties, do let us know. Leave a comment in the post.

So I am planning my itinerary for the 2012 travel season. We are going to be branching out a lot more into the further regions of New York. So far, I have a few trips to New York City planned, at least one trip to the Adirondack region again this year (it will be a big trip), and another visit to Fort Stanwix in Rome. I will also be doing more reviews on restaurants, hotels, and local businesses. I don't know how you do it when you travel, but finding a good restaurant or reputable hotel is difficult! I am very picky about the places I go, so I will write with the assumption that my readers are, as well.

Also good news: For the first time in many years, I won't have to search for a rental car, either. I got my own wheels! Of course, sometimes I do not drive to certain places (such as through Manhattan *shudder*) and in those cases I take the train. I greatly dislike rental vehicles and won't ever be using them again, if i can help it. I'd even rather get some good Car Transport Quotes and ship my car to a very far destination that use a rental vehicle. Ick.

So I have some changes in store. I have also purchased a new domain for a new website about Upstate New York travel. This will include the restaurant reviews and such. I see a need for a "NY travel portal" and I intend to meet it. I think finally, after 6 years of travel blogging, I am now getting serious about this little hobby. I can see how helpful it can be to folks. Stay tuned, I'll have lots more!

And thanks for reading. You've helped make this venture possible.

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momto8 said...

how exciting for you!! and fun too.. good luck too with everything.

8:02 AM  
Rena said...

Here are some places that you may not have visited yet that I have either been to or hope to visit.

Ok I better stop now before it becomes the longest link post ever :)

12:50 AM  

Ooo Rena, I have been to several of those places! :D See my Travel Archive page for a huge list.

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll definitely check them out.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

Why would you do this to yourself? - You should know that we are going to come up with a whole bunch of random (but cool) places for you to go. - The Oneida County Fair is usually the last week in July - best beach around - They are having their Market Fair on July 14 and 15

Local Reenactments:
and - Lots of events for the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812

1:33 PM  

Wow, Anonymous! Thanks for the added suggestions. :)

6:07 PM  

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