Spring Is in the Air!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I care not that the weather prophets are calling for snow and freezing temperatures for the weekend. Today, the sun was shining and the birds were tweeting, and the last dirty dregs of snow has melted! And it's only February!

Spring is a lovely time in Upstate New York. I'm really looking forward to it this year. My calendar of activities, from traveling to installing windows to fixing my rotting back porch, is filling up quickly. And add to that-- I just created another website!!

*dodges tomatoes*

No, seriously, this one will be amazing! I know I already have too many, but I got this terrific idea -- you know, the big, bright led lighting over the head kind of thing-- and I didn't see anyone else doing it, so I did it! It will be a resource website, a portal kind of place. I call it "things to do in Upstate New York," and I intend to fill it up with information and reviews of restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc. I hope it gets a lot of attention from local advertisers.

You see, when we travel, it is SO HARD to find anything. Oh, locating the big name tourist attraction is easy enough, but what about a nice little family restaurant?? Last time we traveled, I drove around and around, looking for a family restaurant that didn't have a honky tonk bar. Not even Yelp could help me. i think there's a big need for a website that has such information. It will take me a long time to build it, I know, but I think I can do it, with God's good help. :) I'll let you know more about it in the future.

I love spring! It's filled with new things! What are you doing this spring?

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Clint said...

Congrats on your new site!

11:07 AM  
Rena said...

Yay!! I love things to do in NY sites. I use them a lot!

I like the idea that you are going to have a family friendly one. We need those!

I don't know how you do it..maintaining so many blogs, freelance writing, social networking, being a wife, a mom, and doing chores!
Are you superwoman??? LOL

12:27 AM  
Rena said...

By the way, I can help you with some family friendly business referrals. I tend to seek them out myself when traveling.

If you need a list of businesses just let me know!

12:28 AM  

Rena-- some days I feel like Swamp Thing not superwoman. LOL

8:32 PM  

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