The Wheels on the Bus

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We were SO tempted to sing that song as we jostled around Harlem and Washington Heights, believe me!

On the M4 Bus 2

Instead of taking the dark and steamy subway through Upper Manhattan, we took the M4 bus to The Cloisters (near the tip of the island). The ride was really fun and it gave us a great view of the lovely buildings and culture of Washington Heights. The people on the bus were very friendly (unlike the cold shoulders of the subway), and the bus driver was a real cut up. He made the trip enormously fun, and I got the opportunity to stand up front and chat with him for a while. I was amazed at how well he navigated the crazy streets, barely brushing past moving traffic with an inch (or less!) to spare. It was awesome. Every time a person got off the bus, he'd say "God bless you." What a really sweet guy. He also gave us some tips on how to navigate the city. I'll betcha he could have even directed us to the best place where to buy playbook, if I'd asked! To the bus driver of the M4: God bless you!

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Rena said...

That is so refreshing to hear about the bus driver saying God bless you when someone gets off the bus. I love it when people are so nice
and genuine...and don't give in to being politically correct which would be to say "May whoever or whatever you believe in bless you today". God exists, even when people pretend He doesn't, He reigns!

9:30 AM  

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