Are Concerts Part Of Your Travel Plans?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have always considered musical concerts to be the arena of the younger folks. I've lately met a few "older" people who are ecstatic concertgoers. And I mean REAL concerts. Not the Pete Seeger, kum bay yah stuff. We're talking mind-blowing Grateful Dead kind of concerts. Oh yeah. :|

I was never much of a concert enthusiast. Concerts bore me, honestly. I can't even sit around the house and merely *listen* to music. I always have to be doing something else. I feel very idle and uncomfortable when I'm sitting around or am standing around, listening to music or watching a concert. I thought that this genre of entertainment was solely for the younger set, who have much more free time, disposable income and social interaction. I'm surprised at the many older people who apparently pay the big bucks and make the travel plans for premiere musical events.

What do you think? re you a music maniac? Have you found that age tempers your concert mania?

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