A Horrible Interface, Or, Change Is Not Always Good

Saturday, April 21, 2012

*groan* Looks like Google Blogger forced the "new Blogger" update on me. This is terrible!

It's all.... white! Empty! Difficult to read!

 Is Google purposefully trying to drive us away from Blogger? It makes me want to shred the page and burn it in a patio fire pit, lol!!! Yuck! I like color. I like contrast. I like easily seeing what I need to do. All this white screen is discombobulating.

I have found that most of us like to keep things as they are. Think of when your local grocery store decides to change all the aisles. Nothing is where it once was! I know I have a difficult time shopping when things are switched around. I swirl around and around the store aisles, looking for simple things that I could once yank off the shelves in a flash. I don't like shopping and I certainly don't like lugging a 200-pound cart stuffed to brim around in circles!

When Twitter and Facebook alter their websites, you can practically hear the collective groans from the International Space Station. EVERYONE seems to hate the changes. The same with WordPress and Gmail and Microsoft Outlook and Office all the other programs. We become accustomed to quickly finding what we need, to be as productive as possible. In the beginning, it seems these companies made improvements to their products, but it seems that those days are gone.

I suppose because these companies are now "established," with shareholders and zoot-suited business men sitting in bland offices, there's a constant quest for "new" and "improved" services. But these gurus do not realize that some of these changes are making users LESS productive now.

Which brings me back to the new Blogger interface. It used to be fun, colorful, easy to navigate. Now everything is clumped into tiny, terse utilitarian boxes and a massive white space that screams mediocrity.

What do you think? Do you like the "clean, sterile" look? Do you miss the good old days of color and bubble-shaped buttons?

P.S. After I published this post, the post looked terrible! The text was all squashed and the paragraphs that I had so carefully written were mashed into one chunk of text. YUK!!! I had to re-do all the text so everything was spaced as it should be. thumbs down, Google.

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John said...

I agree many of the updates to blogger were a pain. I mostly use Wordpress now but I have 2 blogger blogs too. I actually don't mind change but Google keeps making change that is more annoying than helpful :-( Gmail and the regular search too.

6:23 PM  
blueyes said...

You know they forced the fricken gmail update on me that I despise with all that there is. I feel your pain. They also updated G+ which sucks too.

8:54 PM  
BB said...

Note today's warning: "The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming month. Upgrade Now."

6:58 AM  

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