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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boy, have I been AWOL from blogging lately. It's not just this blog, but them all. I have been scrambling to complete my jobs for work and have been very busy with more activities with the kids. And, of course, now that spring is here, the yard and house need cleaning and tending. Ugh! I find that I eat less and drink more coffee, and am starting to get more headaches. I'd better start taking care of myself, lest I need
migraine treatment! But it's just SO. BUSY. *sigh*

In case you missed it, I wrote about our trip to NYC on my travel blog, So far, I've written about the Alexander Hamilton National Historic Site. It's beautiful! I have yet to write about The Cloisters, which was wonderful, too. But that all goes back to finding the time....


We saw the famous Unicorn Tapestries! Lovely!

How is your spring coming along? Slow and relaxed, or crazy hectic?

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vanilla said...

Well, it's about time for it to go from the laid-back Texas lifestyle to the Midwest where I'm sure there will be stuff to be done.

Blog on! Keep the faith.

10:22 PM  
reanaclaire said...

Hello Rebecca, greetings to you! Hope you will respond to my email..thanks!!

11:37 PM  

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