I Need a Vacation....

Monday, May 07, 2012

It's been one of the longest months EVER. First income taxes, then recerts/renewals for all the insurance policies, then my blogs needed updating due to a theme vulnerability, then all the blogs were hacked and I spent an entire week fixing it and reinstalling everything!


I haven't often said that I need a vacation, as i actually do like to stay home and I do have plenty to keep me occupied here, but after the past few months-- baby, I NEED A VACATION. A loooong one. lol

We recently saw the old movie Master and Commander. It's a pretty good movie, actually, although it does have some gore. I like movies about adventures, and this one was put together extremely well. My favorite part was when they finally got to the Galapagos Islands. Back then, the islands were virtually unexplored and the animals were unafraid of man. Imagine exploring such a place!

Apparently, you can still go to the islands, on one of the luxurious Galapagos Cruises. The adventure continues, haha. The cruise itself sounds lovely. You just DO NOTHING all day. Oh, I would definitely catch up on my reading. Sit under the balmy sun and watch the ocean waves undulate around the Galapagos Cruise Ship. Doesn't that sound lovely? I'd bring my laptop (although I've heard that cruise ships do not have wireless Internet, for obvious reasons!) but I'd work on my Bible studies and other things. I think it would be wonderful to have nothing to do for a while. I don't *think*it would drive me bananas. How about you?

I know very little about cruises, except for what I've read in Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. Cruises have no doubt changed since then (more comfortable deck chairs?) but I think it's a wonderful way to see God's good earth and explore His marvelous creation. And I'd love to see the beautiful Galapagos Islands. How much are cruises, anyway? I should check into a Galapagos Cruise. It would be so great to do nothing for a while.

have you ever been on a cruise? To where? How was your experience?

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