Restaurants Needed

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to own a small business in New York State. I see places opening and then closing left and right. :( It doesn't leave New Yorkers with a whole lot of choices, either.

We're going to be going back up to the Adirondacks this autumn, Lord willing. I am very excited because it's SO magnificent there, so peaceful, so refreshing. But it's also a real pain because there are so few restaurants. When we stayed at Blue Mountain Lake, there was only ONE restaurant open, 15 miles away, and it was not a very pleasant experience (had a bar and the food was poor). Some folks we talked to knew a great deal about Hospitaliy Supplies & Hotel Catering Supplies but had little means to get heavy Restaurant Equipment and other Restaurant Supply products up to the Dacks.When we visited, we had to get our food at a convenience store that cost a TON of money.

There are some pretty cool places to stay in the Dacks-- loads of cabins and campgrounds and hotels and etc... but so few places to eat or get food. The nearest cities are, what, Utica and Rome to the south, Plattsburgh to the north... ? How does these people live in the Dacks year round and still eat?!

There's a great need for food venues up there, in my opinion. While I'm looking forward to our stay, I'm not too keen on paying through the nose for hotdogs and eggs.

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