In Which the Frozen Chosen Collectively Melt into the Atlantic..

Friday, August 03, 2012

Who cares about the glaciers, WE in the Northeast are dissolving into tiny pools of sweat across the region! Hey, who the heck turned on the heat? Shut it off!

It's *only* 86 degrees (so says my computer thermometer) but it feels like 95. I am struggling to maintain control after the weather man says it will be nearly 100 tomorrow. If I can barely manage when it's 86....

I had travel plans for tomorrow afternoon, but if it's going to be this scalding hot, I think the last thing I want to do is sit outside, baking on a grassy field, watching a reenactment in which actors clothed in wool Redcoat uniforms duke it out with the Patriots on a dusty, sweaty, gunsmoke-filled, cannon material handling blitz of a battlefield. :( I really wanted to go but now I am not so sure. It won't be very fun, sprawled out unconscious from heat stroke.

Last summer we were flooded THREE times. This summer we're baking in drought. What the heck?!

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