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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I came across this interesting blog game at Adirondack Base Camp, a newly found favorite blog. Like I said very early on, good, resourceful, and entertaining blogs (especially about travel) seem a bit hard to find. Some blog writers seem to have made an entire career out of travel (who can afford that?) and some others are a mishmash of streamed-consciousness, airline lingo, or esoteric indie-speak that travel-simpletons like me cannot follow. Maybe it is just me, but I have a hard time reading those things. I guess I like organization. I like narrative blogs and reference blogs, or even a mixture of both if it is well organized. ABCamp is just that, blending terrific resources that I will return to frequently, and a wholesome style of narrative on topics of the author's pleasure. Nice.

Well, I'll give the T-List a go! It is a good idea (started by this guy) and a good way to discover new blogs.

- Write a post.
- Copy/paste the link list from the post you’ve discovered the T-List.
- Make sure the links are active and correct.
- If your blog is on the list, remove it, this is not a self-promotion post.
- Add your favorite tourism and travel blogs on it.
- Add the url of the blog where you’ve discovered the T-List as well.
- Publish the post.
- People will notice the T-List and continue it.
My T-List:

A Long Ride
Adirondack Base Camp
The Diblings
Drive Thru History Road Diary
Leatherwood Trail

My Travel Backpack
National Geographic Traveler
New Yorkology
New York State Museum
New York State Parks
Notes From the Road
Roadside America
Tour the Mohawk Valley
Travel America Guides

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