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Thursday, November 29, 2007

... of a white Christmas...

Images from last year:

Climbing Mount Everest (seemed that way to my son):

Josh Climbing Everest

Snow Sphinx:

The Unhappy Sphinx

I can't wait until we have snow!

It is interesting to watch weathermen predict what our winters are going to be like. I think they are more accurate than that group of hooligans who keep saying every year that "this" year is the "big" year for massive hurricanes! I'd read one study that claimed weather forecasting was still more guesswork than science. You could flip a coin over the weather and that would be more accurate than some of the forecasting out there.

The Mohawk Valley is a terribly difficult area to predict weather. We sit in the lowest geographic point in the state, with the Adirondacks to the north and the Catskills to the south. Most of our weather comes from Lake Ontario, but it doesn't always reach this far west.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching WSYR's webcast of their winter predictions. They are getting very high-tech. A green screen? Computer generated images on an HDTV? Niiiiice!

Our first big major snowfall of the season is chugging our way tonight. North of us, near Boonville at the Tug Hill Plateau, will get two to three feet of snow. But here closer to Utica, we'll be getting 3 to 6 measly inches, if we get that.

I like the snow. I like the above normal temperatures. Here in New York we can have both. :) I expect to do more than my usual share of traveling this winter. The snow won't stop us!

What's the weather expecting to be like for you this winter? How are winters where you live? Id love to hear about it!

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