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Monday, December 31, 2007

I finished the book my husband and I have been reading, Philip Johnson's Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law, and Education. What an excellent book! Philip Johnson is a law professor at "Beserkeley" College in California. He's taken on the Darwinists for years. This book goes beyond the "just so" stories of how the bat got it's wings, and looks into how Darwinism has affected law and education (and it's not good news).

Here's a portion of an interview about the book:

One audience is certainly Christian thinking people, including particularly college and graduate school students as well as faculty. Christians (and other theists) in higher education are often discouraged because the academic world is based on naturalism. I think they should be excited because a great intellectual project is ahead of us as the 20th century comes to an end.

This has been a century dominated by scientific atheism, in which the most influential minds have been enchanted by the technological achievements and promises of science. This has led to a materialistic understanding of reality and consequent moral vacuum that leaves out the essential starting point, which is God.

Because there is a growing awareness that modernism is ending in intellectual chaos, I hope that many intelligent people who are not Christians, but who are dissatisfied with materialism and relativism, will soon be ready to consider a better way of thinking.

Highly recommended by the Mecombers.

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