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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It isn't like me to do what everyone else is doing and have a year-end recap... but travel is such a fun topic that I can't resist it for this blog!

Because of our home renovations over the summer, we didn't travel the great distances we'd wanted to this year. However, we did do some terrific local traveling. In case you missed all the excitement (or want to re-read the engrossing narratives), here's what we did this year!

March- As soon as the snow melted enough to drive, off to the country we went.
The Fish Hatchery in Van Hornesville, NY
The Judds Waterfalls in Cherry Valley, NY
Russian Orthodox Church in Jordanville, NY

April- A beautiful month for travel in Upstate New York
Smallest Church in the World, Oneida, NY
Oneida Community Mansion House, Oneida, NY
Fish Hatchery in Rome, NY
Marinus Willett Visitor Center, Rome, NY

June- We'd just begun our home work, so travels were light.
Grifiss Technology Park, Rome, NY
The Worst Trip of My Life, Sauquoit Valley, NY

July- We squeezed in some very nice local trips this month.
Fountain Elms, Utica, NY
Rosamund Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY
Salt Museum, Syracuse, NY
Canal Town Museum, Canastota, NY
Shako:wi Cultural Center, Oneida, NY
Fort Stanwix, Rome, NY

August- Just one trip this month. Time flew by!
Verona Beach State Park, Verona, NY

September- Some quick trips this month, but the places we visited were so beautiful.
White Lake, NY
Steuben Memorial Site, Remsen, NY

October- In my opinion, this is the most scenic and relaxing time for travel in New York. Unfortunately, we only got to go to one place.
Trenton Falls, Barneveld, NY

November- Since autumn was late in arriving this year, November turned out to be the most scenic of 2007.
Lake George and Fort Ticonderoga, Adirondacks, NY
Buck Mountain, Pilot Knob, NY
A Visit to Cooperstown, NY
Fly Creek Cider Mill, Fly Creek, NY
Canadarago Lake, Schuyler, NY

December- A few quick trips to round out the year.
Erie Canal Boat Museum Park, Chittenango, NY
Skenandoah Boulder, Oneida, NY
The Zoo at Utica, NY

It was really great getting up to the Adirondacks a few times this year. We hope to go on a camping trip next year. Here's to a new and joyous 2008. Thanks for joining us on all our adventures!

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EHT said...

Happy New Year! I would love to travel to as many places as you do within your state. I just haven't had the time over the last few months. :(

It is a worthy goal for me to strive for though, isn't it?

I enjoyed your last couple of postings on the evolution question. One of the things I find totally unbelievable is the manner in which many of the supporters of evolution speak and write of those who question Darwin's theory and choose to allow faith to govern their views. Some of the comments are vile and deplorable and totally uncalled for especially from a set folks who profess to be such academics.

9:25 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Thanks for visiting, EHT! We hope to extend our travels this coming year. I was really surprised at my redux-- I hadn't thought we traveled much in 2007, but when I made this post, I was pleasantly surprised at how frequently we did travel!

Thanks for your input about my evolution posts. I hope to touch on these things more often. It is becoming obvious to more people that to believe in evolution truly takes a great deal of faith that is unsubstantiated. Evolution is more properly defined as a religion, or a philosophy. And I agree, the behavior of these religionists is deplorable.

You might be interested in knowing of a movie coming soon about this very subject: Expelled: The Movie, with Ben Stein. We can't wait for it!

9:58 PM  

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