New York Jumper

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Funny story at the New York Post the other day. I'm in disbelief at the gall of some folks. Apparently a man who wanted to jump from the Empire State Building and parachute off last April is now suing the ESB for "reckless endangerment." (He claimed he was doing it for the Discovery Channel, who dropped the guy like a hot potato. Didn't the guy ever read those disclaimers, "Do not try this at home"?!)

Corliss filed a $30 million claim against the Empire State Building yesterday, arguing that the guards who prevented his jump not only caused him "severe emotional distress" but endangered his life as well. And why not - if, as Ambrecht ruled, Corliss was completely within his rights to try the stunt?

Fortunately, common sense may yet win out. A four-judge appeals panel last week heard arguments from the Manhattan DA's office urging it to reinstate the charges against Corliss.

Here's hoping it does.

Yah, "Here's hoping."

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