Sodus Lighthouse, Sodus, NY

Monday, January 07, 2008

I posted our visited to Sodus Point, NY, at my new blog, New York (I am slowly moving everything over there, so stay tuned for details on that).

Sodus Point is a beautiful area off Lake Ontario in Wayne County. Our trip was short but the scenery was beautiful. We also had the opportunity to witness the formation of "lake effect" snow. Lake effect is what we call those snowstorms that come from cold air and moisture blowing across the warmer waters of the Great Lakes. These storms usually produce binges of heavy snow or snow squalls. Some storms can last for days. Sometimes we've even had thunder and lightning with these storms! Since New York State is surrounded by water (two Great Lakes to our west, from whence most of our weather comes, and the Atlantic Ocean to our east), we have unusual weather. Our experience wasn't terribly dramatic, but it was educational!

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