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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Haven't taken a "long term" trip in a long time. Gas is just way, way too expensive. How can they justify this?!? It's outrageous.

Well, we did get out to see a few local sites. If you call a cemetery a site, lol. I checked out the Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica. The links will take you to my travel blog, New York Traveler.net, for the entire story and more photos.


The place is filled with incredible history, and I only scratched the surface! I visited the place to try to find the resting place of the famous Oneida Stone, the erratic glacier altar stone of the Oneida Indian Nation. I found the old marker! The stone has since been returned to the Oneidas, and I intend on hunting that down to snap a photograph when we travel out that way next week. It's all very exciting!


I also drove up to see the Roscoe Conkling Park behind the cemetery. The view of the valley below is breathtaking.

tn_SkiLifts to Valley

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Amanda said...

Gorgeous! This just might be something I'd like to see--we love poking around old cemeteries! In fact, we like to do our fitness walking in a cemetery--it's much cooler under all those trees (although buggier, with a pond) and less populated than other walking areas.

6:51 AM  
Gypsy at heart said...

Does the ski lift run in the summer? It would be an awesome ride to view the vally.
Loved you photo of the cemetery.


10:40 AM  
luna miranda said...

i love cemeteries! i wish our cemeteries here are as beautiful. have a great weekend!

11:23 AM  
mimi11460 said...

New York is really a great city in a first world country every place is beautiful....

4:05 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Thanks! :) You also.

8:09 PM  

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