Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What a quiet summer! Last summer was so busy that I thought every year would be as exhausting, lol. We've really only gotten out twice this season. We did take some longer trips over the winter, though, so that makes up for it.

Today we were going to go to Syracuse, but had to postpone it. :( I'm still hoping we can take the kids to the MOST (Museum of Science and Technology) in downtown Syracuse. We went there once before, when the two girls were very little. My young sons would LOVE the place. I'm hoping for next week!

Other news around here... we're just gardening. No major home renovations right now. I haven't even gotten to finishing up the electric wiring yet. I detest stringing wiring up through lathe and plaster (and it's impossible to do it for the first floor, because there are bricks between the studs), so I am stubbornly waiting until we can gut the rooms.

Anyway, when we begin our travels (soon!), you'll know. ;)

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