More Photos from Erie Canal Village

Saturday, August 23, 2008

When we visited the Erie Canal Village in Rome, NY, I took about 5 dozen photos! I only posted half of that on my main travel blog, due to space. But the photos are so nice to look at the I thought I'd post more here. The Village is a wonderful place to visit! I'm still trying to get the videos uploaded (they are big and my internet speed is slow). I'll post them here when I can. For now, enjoy the sights!

This is the historic marker for the Fort Bull site. It was an old fort built by the British, during the French and Indian War in 1750s. The fort was destroyed in an Indian/French "terrorist" attack. 

Fort Bull DAR Marker

Here's a photo of the blacksmith demonstration we attended. I took a video of it, but it hasn't been uploaded yet.


There was a huge barn full of carriages, sleighs, and farm tools. I cannot begin to imagine how uncomfortable it would have been to ride in one of these before modern, smooth roads were built. Ugh.


In the tavern is an old cast iron stove. We took notice of it because it was made not in China, but in Utica, NY!

Cast Iron Stove in Tavern

Cast Iron Stove Utica

The neat appearance of the cheese factory foundation appealed to me.

Cheese Factory Stone Foundation

Inside the factory, the kids had fun. Here they are fooling around. Crazy kids!

Cheese Store

Cheese Tavern

I have loads more photos. Stay tuned!

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