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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Boy have I been neglectful! I took dozens of photos of our recent trips, but haven't edited some of them or posted some of them. It is so laborious to do that, plus to upload everything to Flickr, insert my watermark (and wait an eternity for the online program to load...), choose the file size, the html code, and then post it here. Wow. It could take me all day!!

Well, with that said, I did get a few done, lol. Here are a few extra photos of our trip to Nichols Pond Park in Smithfield/Fenner. It is a great park, oozing with history. We loved it!

Here's the informative sign.

Kids at the Champlain Battle Plaque

I have a closeup of it here.

Champlain Site Battle Plaque

I don't know what got into my daughter, with all her "how" poses. Maybe the kids have been watching too many of those old Daniel Boone episodes? Well, here she is, standing in one of the old grain pits of the Oneidas. The Oneidas stored the "three sisters" here (beans, squash, corn). It was discovered by archaelogists. Pretty amazing!

The Historian in the Grain Pit

Here's a snapshot of the kids at the old Oneida Stone altar.

Kids at the Oneida Stone Altar 1

The Fenner Windmill farm of Madison County can be seen from the park.

Fenner Windmill Project

I have the narrative of our visit here, with lots of historical information.

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