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Sunday, September 07, 2008

As any regular reader of this blog knows, we Mecombers are a bit quirky in our traveling tastes. We like to discover attractions that are a little off the beaten path. I am always looking for other sites that emphasize this kind of "intra-environment" kind of travel.

I found another!! It's a great one, too, and off to a terrific start. It's Road Trip Journal. A wonderful lady named Michelle has started it from scratch, and it is looking outstanding. I am going to be posting some of our travels there from time to time, too, and I can't wait!

The site covers the United States. It's well-organized and looks like it will be a gigantic hub of everything about travel for the country. It's got a "down home" feel to it, probably due to the articles that emphasize experience and an "insider's" view of travel. I just love this kind of travelogue.

If you have a travel blog with this kind of style ("backyard tourism," I call it), check out the site, as writers are needed. And be sure to periodically visit the site for some great articles about interesting places all over the country. I've got it linked in my sidebar for future reference.

Road Trip Journal - Your Travel Directory

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Anonymous said...

It looks very much the sort of thing I'd love. Perhaps one day it will become international.

4:34 PM  

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