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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Do other states have as many websites and blogs devoted to a geographic region? There seem to be a lot of bloggers who blog about Upstate NY, particularly the Mohawk Valley. It's a good thing. :) But I wonder if our area has more "local" bloggers than others.

Well, anyway, I found another nice site about the Mohawk Valley. It's Still Alive in the Mohawk Valley. LOL, love the name. It's not updated terribly often, but the posts look consistent and the photos are very nice. It captures the architectural beauty, the historical significance, and the scenery of the Mohawk Valley very well. Everything from our elaborate lighting fixtures in the old historic homes to a terrific post about an Old Burying Ground near the high school in New Hartford! Now that I did not know!

I hope the blogger updates it more often.

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