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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My friend Carole is happy that she got an early Christmas present-- a cat stroller for her two cats! It's rather funny, because cat supplies have been on my mind since we got our new baby kitten last week. Isn't she the sweetest little thing?!

Livvy and Daddy5

We went to the pet store last week to look for some supplies for her. Of course, right in the center aisle, there's a huge display of cat costumes and dress-up clothes. I looked to my husband with my "Oh isn't that adorable; should I get one?" and he looked right back with his "That is so gross; no WAY are you dressing up your cat, woman."

So I guess I'm out of luck. I WAS going to make Daisy the Curly Cat's Fashion Friday into a meme or something, lol. Oh well.

Maybe he'll let me get a cat stroller.....

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RJ Flamingo said...

I have a cat stroller - it's the only way JJ gets to see the world, since she's an indoor kitty. She loves it, though the neighbors think I'm a little strange...:-)

12:32 PM  
RJ Flamingo said...

We have a cat stroller. It's great for taking JJ to the vet, and it's the only way she gets to see the world, since she's an indoor kitty. She loves it, though the neighbors think I'm a little odd. :-) I draw the line at dressing her up, though.

12:33 PM  

What a sweet little babycat!!
~ Maggie Mae

2:09 PM  
Forever Foster said...

I've been banned from buying Halloween costumes for our cats- so I am making them instead! I made Suey's witches hat yesterday. My fiance has come around, seeing how cute she looks in it. And she only has to wear it long enough for a photo, anyway!

Your kitten is gorgeous:)

11:01 PM  
Carole said...

Don't give up on Fashion Friday - we found a tulle arm band from DD's dress up trunk that we used for a tutu on our Basil kitty...I just KNOW Livvy could be killer on the runway. :-D

And yes, you should totally get a cat stroller - tell your DH you need it for your back for "walking therapy". Heh! :-P

8:34 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

You guys are funny! My husband will NOT let me get a stroller-- he groaned when I told him about it, lol. And dressing up is OUT.

That's OK. I never played will dolls as a girl, so.. but I love remote controlled cars! Maybe I can strap the kitten on one of those and watch that baby gooooo!

10:45 AM  

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