Memorial Day On the Way!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

FINALLY! The day I've been waiting for! Memorial Day is the traditional first day of summer. And it is also the day when New York's tourist season officially gets underway! Hurray! After a long, drab, travel-less winter and spring, New York is finally awakening. The parks, the beaches, the museums, the rv parks, the nature centers-- FINALLY! We are, obviously, thrilled.

I don't know why we must wait so long for places to finally open their doors. I've lamented in the past about how wonderful travel is in Upstate NY during the late autumn. And then to have to wait until practically June until places open... it's ridiculous, really.

If you're planning on any NY travel this season, I recommend checking out the I Love NY website. They've revamped it, and while I think they could improve the "Cities & Towns" search engine feature (it's very inadequate), the site looks very nice. I also see the ability to create one's own brochure for a personal NY travel guide. I tried it but had trouble downloading the odf file to my desktop. I have yet to determine if it is the pdf or my browser... it looks really good in theory, anyway.

So... see ya on the road! At LAST!

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Dorothy said...

We are planning on driving places this simmer and I'll check it out.

Dorothy from grammology

7:47 PM  

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